Activity Instructor

Activity Instructor


​The role of Activity Instructor is to ensure the welfare and safety of the children on camp is maintained at all times, and to deliver outstanding, structured and fun sessions.

Requirements:  Ideally qualified or have experience in working with children in sport, art, childcare or teaching, with significant experience of working with children (Although this is not essential).

This role would suit university students looking for extra work, parents or those interested in working with children.

Excellent communicator, with:

  •  confident face to face customer service skills. 
  •  Good working knowledge of camp activities. 
  •  Good decision maker, able to quickly assess and make informed judgments. 
  •  Pro-active and conscientious, able to adapt to situations when required.

What Does the Instructor Do?

Activity Instructors coordinate and supervise children aged 4-14 year during the school holidays.

They develop plans for activities such as sports and art and crafts.

Their role also involves escorting and monitoring children on field trips to recreational locations such as gardens or amusement parks (when these activities take place)

In performing their duties, Instructors monitor the behaviour of children during activities to counsel or discipline poorly behaved children.

They inform the camp manager of children's behaviour, as well as observe signs of social withdrawal.

They also mentor and educate children on reading, writing, and math (if required to do so).

Usually, summer camp instructors organise various physical exercises to create fitness awareness and help improve the health of children.

Their work description may also involve coordinating and participating in singing, sports, and storytelling activities.

They also liaise with other camp staff to ensure the needs of individual campers are met.

As part of their responsibilities, camp Instructors maintain order within camp premises and ensure the safety and well-being of campers.

They lead extreme activities, such as archery, and various other team building games, once they are trained to do so.

They also maintain good knowledge of first aid administration and emergency safety procedures such as CPR administration.

These Instructors inspect the camp site to ensure it’s clean and free of hazardous materials.

In fulfilling their role, summer camp Instructors create and maintain records of campers’ personal information and attendance logs and write a report to parents at the end of the week.

To get into this career, you need to have an aptitude for sports, teaching, and craft. You also need to develop certain qualities, including leadership, counselling, and wilderness survival skills to succeed in this job.

Instructors perform various functions; below is a job description example that shows the typical tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the role:

  • Develop engaging recreational activities for children
  • Lead small or large groups on crafts, sports, extreme activities, swimming (if available) and various other camp exercises.
  • Plan and leading activities that you are a specialist in (for some sessions in the day)
  • Lead out and take part in Water based activities on Wednesdays (such as super-soak a member of staff)
  • Monitor campers to identify and respond to unruly behaviour or deviations from camp guidelines
  • Maintain accurate record of camp activities and data such as attendance logs and incident reports
  • Implement policies for the safety of campers, equipment, and personal property
  • Perform regular risk assessments ensure children are kept safe at all times
  • Act as a role model for campers in activities which require cleanliness, punctuality, and sportsmanship
  • Administer emergency safety procedures such as CPR and first aid as may be required
  • Collaborate with camp staff to develop and execute plans for daily activities
  • Establish camp regulations and guidelines necessary to maintain order within camp premises
  • Conduct inspections to ensure camp environment is clean and free of hazard
  • Lead campers in fire drills, as well as teach them emergency procedures and survival skills
  • Identify and celebrate student achievements by awarding a superstar of the day
  • Mediate disputes or conflicts between campers to ensure a peaceful environment
  • Participate in singing, storytelling, and sporting activities
  • Supervise children at break and lunchtime and ensuring they are adhering to hygiene and healthy eating procedures
  • Mentor and tutor children on academic/social topics such as behaviour management, reading, peer pressure.
  • Follow the APF safeguarding procures/policies and reporting incidents of safeguarding in a prompt manner.

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