Our Inclusive Approach

Our Inclusive Approach

Provision For Disadvantaged Children & Those With Specific Needs.

APF welcomes all children regardless of any special educational needs, disability, or behavioural difficulties to attend and fully participate in our camps. We have a continued commitment to liaising and communicating with the local authorities and other relevant outside agencies. We do this to ensure all our procedures are in line with the current Department of Education guidelines, which enable early identification and allow us to provide the best possible experience for all children in our care.


The Camp Manager is the nominated person responsible for special educational needs and disabilities on our camps. We make our facilities and settings as accessible as we possibly can, with consideration to the different activities that we offer in an attempt to make all activities available to every child within their specific age groups. Each child identified with special educational needs and/or disabilities will have his or her needs met where practically possible. Children's progress is monitored and reviewed on a daily basis.

In summary, we ensure our events promote inclusion and access by:

  • Having a clear accessibility plan
  • Approaching schools and providers directly to promote our camp to SEND, CLA, young carers and those home schooled.
  • Employing trained staff to cater for their needs (e.g. a SENDco)
  •  Allocating a specific number of places to our most vulnerable children.
  • Ensuring that parents engage with us to inform us of key information relating to EHCPS, IEPS and wishes and feelings so that we can meet their child’s needs.


As a company we provide training to all our staff with reference to the Department for Education's 'Code of Practice: Identification and Assessment of Special  Educational Needs' (2001), implemented from 1st January 2002. If we feel that a child within our care does need some further attention regarding their educational needs and their parent or guardian has not previously identified this to us, then we will ensure that this is discussed with their parent or guardian at the earliest possible convenience. Any matter of this nature will be treated in the strictest of confidence and where possible reasonable adjustments will be made to meet the needs of the child. 

What is a Special Needs Camp?

​These camps cater for children and young adults who require a specific type of care due to a disability. We provide a stimulating experience to those with learning and emotional needs, as well as physical and mental disabilities. Some camps may specialise in severe physical disabilities, whereas others will be for campers with behavioural disorders such as ADHD or have Social, Emotional and Mental Health concerns (SEMH).


There will be similar activities as other camps and, depending on the campers needs, equipment and facilities can be adapted to allow all campers to make use of them. These camps tend to have less 'competitive' sports and concentrate more on small group activities to allow the campers to socialise in a relaxed and happy setting. We are looking for SEND schools and Behaviour Support Units in particular to support APF in hosting events at their venues. Additionally, parents are welcome to send their child to any of our non-SEND sites, if they feel it is more suited and if we can support this provision. There will always be a SEND Coordinator and trained specialists on-site to ensure needs are being met.

These camps offer both the camper and their parents a break from their day-to-day routine, so knowing that we are helping, not just the campers, but their carers as well, provides us with an incredibly rewarding experience!


Special Needs Camps provide a summer camp experience for campers with additional needs who can be aged anywhere from 4-14 years old! The ratio of Counsellors to campers is usually higher on these camps, due to the personal care and attention that the campers will require. Children get to form amazing bonds with other campers - which provides a unique and rewarding experience. Campers will usually come from the local area and attend for 3-4 weeks with many of the campers returning year after year.


We believe that Children Looked After and those from deprived families should not be disadvantaged. We want to provide a wrap-around service which will improve self-esteem, raise aspirations and overall academic achievement. Our inclusive approach means that all pupils, regardless of their backgrounds, are welcome to camp. We will do our best to cater for individual needs and will consider a reduced entry cost for families who have difficulties financing the camp activities. Please contact us directly for more details.

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