Be-Spoke Bikability Programme

Be-Spoke Bikability Programme

We have teamed up with the Bikeability Trust Cycle Training (Be Spoke) who are the largest provider of safe cycling programmes in Buckinghamshire. 

There are 3 levels:

Bikeability Balance: For Children in Reception and Year 1 this is 4 successive days of 30 minutes per class with a minimum of 24 riders (we would run 4 x30 minute classes each of 6 children per day)

Bikeability Level 1 is a 2-hour playground based course for 12 riders (Years 3&4)

Bikeability Level 2 is an 8 hour course: 2 hours in the playground followed by a further 6 hours on the road (1.5 days total) This is for children who can ride and are in years 5-8)

Bikeability for my child

Freedom, adventure, the road to enjoyment and confidence on two (or three!) wheels – that’s Bikeability.

Schools and families have trusted us for years to deliver a programme of cycle training for all. Almost 4 million budding cyclists have put their trust in us, gaining the confidence they need to take to the roads.  What’s more, they’ve had fun too!

That’s millions of people enjoying Bikeability and experiencing freedom and adventures.

Bikeability is not just for children either – thousands more families and adults have received cycle training too.

So, there’s no time like the present!  We’re here to teach your children those vital skills that will stay with them for life.  Imagine when they are so happy on a bike that it makes the top of the Christmas wish list!

Give them a life skill they will never forget. From basic skills to advanced journeys, we’ve got your child covered with cycle training for children.

Further details about the Be-Spoke Programme, can be found here!

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