Aylesbury (The Grange School)

Aylesbury (The Grange School)


Aylesbury, HP21 7NH

Chosen age group:

For ages: 4 - 14years

Available tickets:

 £100 FOR 5 Day pass (9am-2pm) 

Next date: Wednesday 20th Dec, 09:00 - 14:00

The Multi-Activity programme fits into 4 main areas and timetabling allows students to experience at least one activity from each these per day:   

EXTREME (Archery & Archery Tag, Sumo Suits, Zorb Football, our Giant Bouncy Castle, Splat Ball) offer risk taking and character development and a better understanding of how to keep safe.  

SPORTS (Football, Dodgeball, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Rugby and Rounders) improve and enhance skill development and resilience among learners. 

ARTS AND CRAFT (clay modelling, paper mache frames, painting and drawing) sessions are carefully thought out to make sure they’re age appropriate for each group at camp.  

ICE BREAKERS: The floor is lava, blindfold games, spin the pin tag, crossy road, hungry frogs, triangle tag, tower rush, hot-dog tag, 3-to-win, chain train, caterpillar tag, crown jewels, hand tennis, human air hockey, harry potter tag are used to build relationships and encourage children to bond and learn more about each other, their skills and preferences.


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