Making Memories That Last A Lifetime

Making Memories That Last A Lifetime


Vacation from school is a critical time in youth development. The time can be blessed with growing, learning, and enjoying life’s opportunities. School Holidays can also be a time of concern for parents. How to constructively fill their children’s time? Where to find a place that caters to children who don’t fully speak English? What about the enormous expense?

Our Solution

In an effort to answer these questions and provide each child a once in a lifetime experience, we operate day camps, as well as a placement service to refer parents to the right camp to meet each child’s needs. FREE camps are also available and staffed with counselors who specialise in the special needs of newly arrived refugee families and our most vulnerable children.

Camp Experience

Staff give individualised attention to each camper, and are devoted to providing the greatest holiday experience possible. The result is ten full weeks a year of running, jumping, swimming, singing and making friends. In addition to the traditional dose of sports, swimming, creative arts, and outings, children leave with strengthened identity, an enhanced ability to befriend others, and a sense of purpose in today’s world.

With great savings if you book early, we offer great value for money – and you can pay with childcare vouchers! For flexibility, book by the day or week and change dates for free up to 14 days in advance. 


A Typical Day At Camp

  • Our Extreme Activities will allow children extend their learning to improve or enhance skills, knowledge, and well-being by participating in non-traditional sports activities, such as Splat Ball (paint ball), Archery-Tag, Sumo Wrestling and Giant Bouncy Castle. These activities are planned to allow for resilience, critical thinking, listening, visualisation and concentration.
  • Our traditional and non-traditional sports activities improve and enhance skill development and resilience among learners. These include badminton, dodgeball, tag-rugby and more!
  • Our physical activity sessions (such as circuits and exercise to music) allow students to gain a better understanding of keeping physically healthy. These bespoke programmes increase opportunities for teamwork and therefore building friendships and allowing students to feel included.
  • Our arts and crafts activities (such as resistant materials projects, clay modelling, painting and drawing) are delivered by teachers and coaches who naturally embed a ‘therapeutic’ approach to developing and improving emotional wellbeing (including reducing stress levels and anxiety).

Inclusive Approach

It is our core purpose to ensure that ALL children have access to this experience and that no child is left behind, regardless of their adverse childhood experiences, background, disability or personal circumstances.

We believe that Children Looked After and those from deprived families should not be disadvantaged. We want to provide a wrap-around service which will improve self-esteem, raise aspirations and overall academic achievement. Our inclusive approach means that ALL children are welcome to camp. We will do our best to cater for individual needs and will consider a reduced entry cost for families who have difficulties financing the camp activities.


We aim to address the holiday experience gap, targeting the most vulnerable children and offering them a camp experience for free.

Target Audience

• Eligible to free school meals

• living in areas of high deprivation or from low-income households who are not in receipt of free school meals

• With Specific Educational Needs (SEND),

• Children Looked after (CLA),

• Children who have low attendance rates at school or who are at risk of exclusion,

• Ukrainian & Afghanistan families

• Children in social care


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